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Literacies for Life and Career

A Signature Initiative

Our undergraduate curriculum will provide students with a set of literacies and competencies that are indispensable for their future careers, their roles as engaged and responsible citizens, and their well-being as individuals.

This innovative literacy-based approach focuses on the acquisition of multiple knowledge areas and skills as well as diverse perspectives necessary for successfully navigating a complex, ambivalent, and rapidly changing world. The sets of literacies include:

  • media, narrative, and visual literacies
  • scientific, technological, and environmental literacies
  • numerical, computing, and data literacies
  • a solid grounding in ethics and civic responsibility
  • a substantial understanding of human cultural diversity, both past and present
  • intercultural literacy
  • a nuanced understanding of social and economic structures and of global dynamics
  • knowledge of political systems and democratic structures
  • critical thinking and problem-solving competencies
  • facility in oral and written communication

The explicit concentration on literacies leverages the existing Arts & Sciences curriculum in all disciplines and on all levels — including introductory and core courses, major-specific courses, graduate education, and capstone experiences. This approach, in conjunction with innovative career-planning efforts in the College of Arts & Sciences, will better prepare students to understand their value, meet the challenges of the workplace, and engage meaningfully with critical sectors of society.

Faculty & Staff Engagement