A Transformative Decade:
Convergence, Creativity, Community

Imagine ... 

  • An expanded faculty, diverse and inclusive, with even more robust research opportunities that push the boundaries of the possible.
  • Multiple departments and programs ranked in the top ten within the next ten years.
  • Educational practices that engage far more environments of learning, connecting students with experiences throughout the city and world that build on a powerful foundation of disciplinary and transdisciplinary studies.
  • Innovative liberal arts programs that address questions of life design and emphasize multiple literacies, asking students what it means to live a good life as engaged citizens throughout the world.
  • Graduate students drawn here from across the globe because of the innovative research, scholarship, and high-impact creative practices we are developing.

This is our moment. We are ready.

In Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, we have a strong foundation on which to build and extraordinary resources to engage. And over the next ten years, we will leverage those resources to build a top institution devoted to bringing people together from across the world to discover new knowledge, explore the universe, and serve the public good. 

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Implementing the Plan

Year 1 Progress Report

Look back on a year of innovation, community building, and groundbreaking research with the Strategic Plan Year 1 Progress Report. The report includes notable achievements from the signature initiatives and faculty whose work has helped to launch the decade of Arts & Sciences.

Read the Report


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Welcome to the Decade of Arts & Sciences

We are finding new ways to tell our story and create a lasting impact on the world.

We stand at the dawn of a transformative era that will lay the groundwork for realizing our school’s immense potential. What we aspire to build is not just for ourselves. The work we do here — the knowledge we discover, the education we offer, the advances we make, and the understanding we create — extends far beyond our walls. Welcome to the decade of Arts & Sciences.

―Feng Sheng HuRichard G. Engelsmann Dean of Arts & Sciences

Explore Our Initiatives

The signature initiatives below build on existing strengths to create exciting and transformative new ventures for Arts & Sciences at Washington University.

Signature Initiatives 
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