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Harness the Power of Data Sciences, Digital Transformation, and Advanced Technologies

A Strategic Pillar

Technological Innovations and New Discoveries

The world is increasingly digital. Data sciences underlie not just a host of technological innovations and new discoveries, but also deep ethical questions defining today’s society.

The recent Digital Transformation Initiative has been expanding strengths across Arts & Sciences in areas such as computational, cognitive, and systems neuroscience; digital humanities; quantitative social science; and quantum studies. In addition, recent developments in St. Louis, including the new Federal Statistical Research Data Center, the Cortex Innovation Community, and other organizations, have established a rich set of local resources and partnership opportunities.

With such groundwork laid, Arts & Sciences will invest in new ways to link disciplines and educate students by developing research through data sciences, digital transformation, and advanced technologies. These efforts will enable innovation within individual disciplines especially at the graduate level, energize diverse fields with new resources, and bridge distinct areas of research to synergize the questions of one with the solutions of another. Together, these transformative efforts will foster the well-being of communities from the local to the global, addressing societal needs and ethical questions while enhancing and transforming scientific and humanistic inquiry. 

Metrics of Success

Success measures for this pillar will include the number of: 

  • External grants and fellowships that include a focus on data science, digital transformation, and novel technologies
  • Faculty and students engaged in research and scholarship focused on data science, digital transformant, and novel technologies
  • New patents and enhanced commercialization of new technologies
  • Faculty and students engaged in research that cuts across departments and schools, and students with majors and minors in this area

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