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Incubator for Transdisciplinary Futures

A Signature Initiative

A new Incubator for Transdisciplinary Futures will provide Arts & Sciences with an innovative framework for prototyping new research and enabling new configurations and collaborations.

Over the next decade, this initiative will support a series of multi-year thematic research and learning clusters, consisting of existing faculty from at least three diverse units, undergraduate and graduate students, and potential external partners. Each cluster will include research funding to foster new collaborations; programming to sponsor conferences, workshops, or public-facing events; and a set number of existing or newly developed undergraduate and graduate courses. 

Clustered research will establish clear goals and outcomes, which may include foundation funding or industry support, highly visible scholarship, the development of new research methodologies; or any other innovative discovery and outcome that enhances the Arts & Sciences research enterprise. The initiative will provide a framework for developing vibrant student learning opportunities, as well as identifying areas of convergence that could help us reshape our research infrastructure and enhance our visibility on both a national and global scale.


Unlocking the secrets of the human brain

Unlocking the secrets of the human brain

Researchers in The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences are using cutting-edge techniques to help us weather the challenges of everyday life.

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