Faculty and Staff Engagement

Early Adopters, Cohort 2 (2024/2025)

These early adopters will pilot pedagogical strategies that integrate a literacy-based approach into a selection of their 2024-2025 undergraduate courses. 

Early Adopters, Cohort 1 (2023/2024)

A cohort of faculty across Arts & Sciences were selected for teaching innovation grants. These early adopters will pilot pedagogical strategies that integrate a literacy-based approach into a selection of their 2023-2024 undergraduate courses

  • Billy Acree, Associate Vice Dean of Graduate Education, Professor of Spanish, American Culture Studies (Affiliate) and Performing Arts (Affiliate), Co-Director, Incubator for Transdisciplinary Futures
  • Jami Ake, Teaching Professor, The Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities
  • Jennifer Arch, Teaching Professor, Department of English
  • Deanna Benjamin, Senior Lecturer, The College Writing Program and University College
  • Nancy E. Berg, Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature, Department of Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Bhupal Dev, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
  • Emily Cohen-Shikora, Senior Lecturer , Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Megan Daschbach, Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry; Director of Chemistry Peer-Led Team Learning Program
  • Kasey Grady, Senior Lecturer, The College Writing Program
  • Anna Jacobsen, Director of Anthropology’s Medicine and Society Program, Senior Lecturer in Sociocultural Anthropology, Department of Anthropology
  • Silas Johnson, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics 
  • Nathaniel B. Jones, Associate Professor, Department of Art History and Archaeology; Director of Graduate Studies
  • Peter Kastor, Samuel K. Eddy Professor Professor of History and American Culture Studies, Department of History 
  • Katherine Kerschen, Lecturer, Department of German
  • Tabea Linhard, Director and Professor, Department of Global Studies; Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, Department of Romance Language and Literatures
  • Jia Luo, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry; Director of General Chemistry Transition Program
  • Heather McPherson, Senior Lecturer, Department of English
  • Jonathan Myers, ​Associate Professor and Program Director, Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology, Department of Biology 
  • Mungai Mutonya, Teaching Professor, Department of  African and African-American Studies; Kenya Summer Program Coordinator
  • Ke Nie, Senior Lecturer in Chinese Language, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Trevor Sangrey, Senior Lecturer in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; College Faculty Fellow, Ampersand and First-Year Programs
  • Betsy Sinclair, Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Kit Smemo, Lecturer, Department of History; Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dave Walsh, Lecturer, Department of American Culture Studies

Literacies Fellows for Fall 2022

The Literacies Fellows worked with the implementation team to collect input from faculty across Arts & Sciences. This process helped to identify the skills, knowledges, and fluencies embedded in the curriculum to define the provisional list of literacies for the initiative.


  • Jami Ake, Teaching Professor, The Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities
  • Ji-Eun Lee, Associate Professor of Korean Language and Literature, Head of the Korean Section, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Alexander Stefaniak, Head of Musicology, Associate Professor of Musicology, Department of Music

Social Sciences

  • Talia Dan-Cohen, Associate Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology, Department of Anthropology
  • Mungai Mutonya, Teaching Professor, Kenya Summer Program Coordinator, Department of African and African American Studies
  • Sunita Parikh, Associate Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science

Natural Sciences

  • Bhupal Dev, Assistant Professor of Physics, Department of Physics
  • José Figueroa-López, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Barbara Kunkel, Professor of Biology, Department of Biology

College Writing

  • Peter Monahan, Director of the College Writing Program, Teaching Professor in College Writing


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