Implementing Our Plan

We're bringing our plan to life.

Through the implementation process, we're putting the Arts & Sciences Strategic Plan into action: strengthening our foundations, raising our pillars, and launching our signature initiatives. We'll be sharing milestones, key data, and opportunities for our community to connect and engage as we define this decade of Arts & Sciences.

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Project Timeline

We are working on the initial phase of our ten-year plan

Preliminary planning

We establish project governance and form the full implementation team. Pillar champions and foundations leads for Year 1 are identified. Signature initiatives kick off their planning process.

Year 1

The implementation team begins the work of identifying efforts and tracking progress. Our signature initiatives launch their initial round of activities.

Year 2

Signature Initiatives expand their scope and collaborate with St. Louis institutions, bringing their work to the public. Arts & Sciences faculty introduce core literacies into classrooms. The implementation team examines metrics from Year 1 and refines processes.

Year 3

Our Team

Meet the faculty and staff leading our implementation efforts and our signature initiatives.

View our implementation team
Flawed diamonds: Physicists gain quantum insights from imperfect crystals

Flawed diamonds: Physicists gain quantum insights from imperfect crystals

Research supported by the Center for Quantum Leaps advances the field of quantum simulation using an atomic-level quantum system.