Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Community

A Foundational Area

Arts & Sciences must achieve and maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of faculty, students, and staff across all identities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

While we have made important strides over the past years, much remains to be done. We need to implement strong administrative support at the university, school, and departmental levels to improve racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the hiring and recruitment of faculty, staff, and students. To build this foundational support, we will pursue the following steps:

  • Establish or enhance policies and programs that generate a positive and inclusive culture to enhance the retention and success of women and people of color
  • Ensure that investments in hiring include a strong commitment to diversity with concrete plans to achieve and maintain that diversity
  • Create pipelines at all levels of education to help foster diversity and inclusion from the earliest phases of education to the highest echelons of academic leadership
  • Establish a new Dean’s Award for Diversity Advancement